How to install gutters?

September 26, 2018

Gutter installation is easier than you think

Gutters, though they don’t seem like it, are a very important part of the house. They carry rainwater away from the foundation of the house, which helps to maintain integrity of the construction. Installation is not very complicated, but you need to work precisely. First step is to measure your home and decide how long the gutters and dowspouts will need to be.

Next step is to decide on a material. Raingutters are made form various metals, most commonly used are steel, copper or aluminium. They have different pricing points, so keep that in need. Gutters are generally sold in prefabricated lenghts, so choose suitable length. You will also need end caps, corners and gutter sealant. Now it’s time to prepare the gutters for installation. Use your tin snips to cut the gutters to the needed length. The top part of the gutter is called notch- cut about 2inches, so that you can attach corner piece. To avoid leakage, work carefuly. Firsty, stick gutter and the corner piece using sealant. Then use rivets for proper attachment and secure everything with sealant again.

You can install your gutters yourself

Let’s attach downspouts. Firstly measure your downpout and cut it to the desired length. Next, make a hole in the gutter so the rainwater can run freely to the ground. Turn the gutter over, mark downspout location, trace around downspout outlet and cut it out with a tin snips. Attach dowspout with the gutter, just like you did with corner pieces. Now it’s time for installtion! It’s important to mark your gutter’s slope. Install the gutters to the fascia board using the hex head screws. Install one scre every 2 to 3 feet. Don’t forget to attach the downpouts to the house, using u-shaped brackets and hex head screws. Voila! You have installed your gutters, all by yourself.