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Nico Roofing & Exteriors has a decades-long reputation for trustworthy, friendly service throughout the Chicago suburbs. Our team specializes in re-roofing and tear-offs for both homes and businesses. Since our contractors are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the business, you can count on us to provide the greatest quality whether you’re repairing storm damage or installing a new roof. We can handle installations of all types, whether you need shake, slate, shingle, or flat roofing for your home. No matter what project you have in mind, give our friendly team a call and discuss the intricacies of your project with us. We’re ready to serve you!

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No matter what, a roofing project is a sizeable investment for any homeowner. That’s why, at Nico, we aim to take care of each project with the utmost care in the most efficient manner possible. To start with, we have a whole host of options for roof installation so you can always find the right service to meet your needs. If your roofing has suffered storm or hail damage, check out our comprehensive repair services. We can fix up your shingles, patch leaks, or unclog your gutters. If repairs aren’t quite going to cut it, we can also handle a complete roof replacement. This is not the easiest task, but our contractors can get it done quickly and within a reasonable price range. Re-roofing is another option you may want to consider too, as it can save you some additional time and money. Either way, give us a call with your questions and we’ll walk you through all your options.

Common roofing issues faced by homeowners

Homeowners should always be vigilant for the first signs of damage to their roof. The quicker you catch these warning signs, the easier the remedy will be. Watch out for these warning signs:

  1. Algae Growth
  2. Buckling
  3. Blistering
  4. Curling
  5. Damaged Flashing
  6. Missing Shingles
  7. Rotting Materials