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Nico Roofing Company is a leading commercial roofing company in Naperville, specializing in common commercial roofing solutions like flat roofs. Our reputation has been crafted through years of high-quality roofing installation and inexpensive prices. Our commercial contractors are extremely talented, too, with an honest dedication to their craft. Every commercial project is entirely different, which is why we take the time to give your job the individual attention it deserves, working right alongside you every step of the way.


Custom commercial roofing services tailormade for you


Our list of commercial roofing services is comprehensive. A good place to start is with our high-quality commercial roofing installation services. We have a stock which includes basically every material and style you could possibly need. We also offer quick and easy installation, with zero clean-up or preparation for you to handle. If your business has suffered damage in recent storms or hail activity, we can handle flat roof repair for you. Whether your roofing is cracked, warped, or storm damaged, our commercial roofing contractors will patch everything up quicker than any other contractors on the market. For severe damage, you may want to consider roofing replacement or re-roofing. In these cases, our roofing contractors will strip your whole roof down to its bare surface and replace everything.


Experienced commercial roofers for every job


While our roofing contractors specialize in flat roof repair and installation, there’s no type of roofing we can’t handle. If you’re in the market for rugged, enduring commercial roofing, consider our assortment of metal and rubber roofing. Metal roofing is extremely popular, thanks to its durability in the face of any weather. Rubber is another popular option, made famous for its strength and the incredible climate control it will provide for your business. From mild to severe damage, there’s no better roofing contractors in the area to handle your flat roof repair. If you’d like more information, we encourage your call so we can discuss your options with you in greater detail.