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    Storm Damage & Hail Damage Restoration


    As soon as a storm clears your area, make sure you’re checking your roof for damage. A lot of storm damage is super obvious, but there are some issues which may escape your immediate detection. That’s why it’s always advisable to hire the services of professional storm damage assessors and make sure you don’t miss any damage.

    The first thing any homeowner should do after a storm passes is to check for roof damage. While some elements of storm damage can be obvious to the naked eye, some problems might be harder to notice. That’s why we always recommend hiring professional storm damage assessors and having them check things out for you.

    Storm and hail damage can develop into severe problems. While damage typically begins with leaking, it can escalate into comprehensive structural damage and even completely destroy your home. If you’re unsure whether your roof has taken any damage in a recent storm, give us a call for hail damage restoration. Our professional team will be able to assess your roof and find anything you may have missed during your initial once-over.

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    Shingles are easily damage during storms. Since most storms are accompanied by high and powerful winds, they can easily tear shingles directly off your home or, at the very least, cause some curling or warping. These damages can be serious, since it exposes the more vulnerable areas of your roof to the elements, leaving your home unprotected. Hail can add to the damage with dents and holes which dramatically reduce the protective properties of your roof. While these types of damage seem relatively minor, make sure to check for unseen damage as well. Look for leaks or water spots, since these can be indications of deeper, underlying damage. If you see any of these symptoms or you have missing shingles, you should call for storm damage repair right away. Each of these issues get worse on their own, so make sure to call us right away and let us take care of it before it gets out of hand!

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