How do Materials Affect Roof Cost

August 1, 2018

Roof replacement is not a cheap procedure, but it’s often an excellent and even necessary investment. In fact, many homeowners report that it was the best decision they made to keep their family protected and comfortable in all weather. If you’re using basic asphalt materials, removing old covering and installing a completely new roofing system can be as inexpensive as a few thousand dollars. At the high end of the spectrum, slate tiles can cost closer to $100,000. This is a big range, and some homeowners try to cut costs by doing it themselves. This is rarely a good call, since re-roofing is very challenging and specialized. Keep in mind that, although roof replacement can be costly, it’s one of the best ways to invest in your home. Take a look at all the factors affecting the price of your roof, see where you can save some money, and make the best choice for your family situation.