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When is the right time to hire roofing company in Chicago?

May 6, 2019

While ideally, you never have to repair a roof, or only need to do it once in the lifetime of your house, there are a number of factors, from freak weather to humidity or even silly accidents, that can force a homeowner to need to consider roof replacement or roof repairs. Even more importantly, while things like storm damage show obvious need for roof repair work, there are slower-acting and gradual factors that can also cause serious damage to your roof if you don’t address them immediately. As you begin to consider whether it is time to get some roofing contractors in Chicago to work on your roof, here are some things to look out for to figure out if it’s time to begin roof repairs or roof replacement on your home or commercial property:

  • Roof repair because of storm, wind damage or wear

Especially in Chicago, the heavy snows, thunderstorms, and high winds that appear during all four seasons will all slowly begin to cause your roof to deteriorate. It is important for property owners to check the conditions of their roofs seasonally, and not just after a particularly extreme weather event. Often, high winds or heavy snow weight can take a toll on shingles, and begin to cause them to come loose and eventually fall off. As soon as you see shingles beginning to go missing or come loose from the rest of the roof, you might want to start looking through Chicago roofing companies.

  • Algae growth or general rot

Often a product of humidity or a particularly wet season, the growth of algae, mold, or general rot is easy to see and once it begins, it can spread rapidly to other parts of your roof. If you begin to notice growth across your roofing materials, the earlier you can get someone to work on your roof repairs, the better. Catching this type of growth early can mean a much more minor roof repair project, because if you wait until it spreads to the rest of the roof, you may be looking at a full-scale roof replacement instead.

  • Roof repairs – Buckling, blistering, or curling

From high heat to other environmental factors, buckling, blistering, or curling are all highly visible signs that your roofing materials are beginning to warp and that the structural integrity of your roof is beginning to degrade. Even a small area of warped roofing can lead to leaks of water or cold air that can cause further damage to your home’s interior, or cause your heating or cooling bills to rise astronomically. As soon as you see signs of this, start contacting Chicago roofing contractors to begin your roof repairs, or roof replacement if the problem is of a bigger scale.